5 Ways to Improve Virtual Communication

For many, the transition to working from home has not been a smooth one. A big contributor to the unease? Communicating virtually.

Let’s start by recognizing that while the new normal presents challenges in workplace communication, it also provides opportunities. Learn how to identify these and make the most of any remote work arrangement with the following tips for effective workplace conversation:

1. Consider what the word “unprecedented” really means — and not just from your perspective.

2. Don’t use the screen as an excuse to avoid difficult conversations.

3. Every form of communication comes with benefits and drawbacks, but none can replace face-to-face conversation.

4. Don’t forget to keep it casual — at least for a little while.

5. Embrace the awkward.

Workplace Conflict Coach, Trainer, and Mediator. Owner of ONE EIGHTY. To learn more, visit oneeighty.io

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