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Ted Lasso is an exemplary leader because he actually doesn’t fit the conventional mold of one. Instead, his primary goal is helping others achieve their goals.

Because this sounds like somewhat of a paradox (it isn’t, but we’ll get to that), it can be difficult to understand what it looks…

The 7 Power Types-originally coined by psychologists John R. P. French and Bertram Raven-remains a useful tool in characterizing 7 distinct forms of power in the workplace.

Experts have since observed that all power types can be effective, and none are inherently ineffective. However, each has distinct limits, goals, and…

Saying you’re a family isn’t really the problem; it’s saying you’re a family then acting the opposite way that creates tension.

To say “we’re a family” in describing a workplace is an understandable impulse. After all, your team ideally does feel a sense of belonging and mutual respect in accomplishing goals — much like a supportive family would. …

In life, at work, and for relationships of any kind, it’s always the same: apologizing is hard.

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While many of us apologize habitually for minor reasons (or no reason at all!), genuine apologies come from recognizing a harm that’s been done and working to repair it. That’s where the hard part comes in: an apology requires both parties to be truly vulnerable by addressing fault.

Showing vulnerability…

A healthy work culture starts with conflict resolution values at the leadership level.

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When management values solution-focused practices, employees feel heard, secure, and motivated to do their best work. Plus, your entire team can learn to communicate and collaborate by your example — which results in productive, efficient workflow.

Management styles vary across industries, corporate structure, and personal value systems, but anyone can…

Embrace these and get the most out of the discussions you’re having with friends, colleagues, and family.

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When it comes to communication, you might think in terms of what to say and how to say it. Many people are naturally solution-oriented, so we tend to rush ahead in conversation; to plan and prioritize our personal points first.

Think about it: if you’re focused on what you’re going…

For many, the transition to working from home has not been a smooth one. A big contributor to the unease? Communicating virtually.

We’ve heard the term, “unprecedented times” so often in recent months that we’re all totally over it, but it is true: even if we’ve experienced a crisis before, we haven’t experienced an event exactly like this, and none of us all have all the answers.

Still, our work requires us…

Most managers and team members alike would agree that transparency fosters healthy, productive work environments. But what does transparency in the workplace actually look like, and how can both sides of any conversation give, receive, and use it productively?

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Communicating transparently is easier said than done.

It requires toggling between the subjective and objective; identifying a truth known to you versus a truth known to someone else. It also requires an ability to observe all of those truths as impartially as possible. (That’s the really tough part.)

Transparency relies on passive acts, too: like listening, adapting…

There are so many benefits to facing conflict. It’s one of the best ways to solve problems, dispel tension, and find creative solutions. So why do we react so negatively when faced with conflict and what can we do about it?

In addition to the fact that we’re pretty much socialized to avoid direct conflict at a young age, we have real, physiological responses to conflict that cause us to think or react on a much less evolved level than we’re actually capable of. …

Tips for HR, managers, and employees for surviving transition

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The bright side? We’re all in uncharted territory together. Managers, HR departments, and team members will have to work together to keep business going — not as usual, but as effectively as possible. …

Natalie Garramone

Workplace Conflict Coach, Trainer, and Mediator. Owner of ONE EIGHTY. To learn more, visit

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