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Since it aired in late 2020, Ted Lasso has inspired coaches, CEOs, managers and other leaders to reexamine their management styles.

As a career football coach forced to adapt to a new country, team, and sport (and the culture surrounding them), Ted’s fish-out-of-water origin story is certainly an example worth emulating as a leader.

But isn’t the true measure of a great coach an even better team?

In life, at work, and for relationships of any kind, it’s always the same: apologizing is hard.

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A healthy work culture starts with conflict resolution values at the leadership level.

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Embrace these and get the most out of the discussions you’re having with friends, colleagues, and family.

Black and white wall with words.

For many, the transition to working from home has not been a smooth one. A big contributor to the unease? Communicating virtually.

Most managers and team members alike would agree that transparency fosters healthy, productive work environments. But what does transparency in the workplace actually look like, and how can both sides of any conversation give, receive, and use it productively?

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Communicating transparently is easier said than done.

There are so many benefits to facing conflict. It’s one of the best ways to solve problems, dispel tension, and find creative solutions. So why do we react so negatively when faced with conflict and what can we do about it?

Natalie Garramone

Workplace Conflict Coach, Trainer, and Mediator. Owner of ONE EIGHTY. To learn more, visit

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