ONE Thing That Will Help You Deal With Conflict Better

There are so many benefits to facing conflict. It’s one of the best ways to solve problems, dispel tension, and find creative solutions. So why do we react so negatively when faced with conflict and what can we do about it?

The Amygdala Hijack.

Why Does Amygdala Hijacking Happen?

You have 3 choices: Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Ok, so now you know what the amygdala hijack is and how it affects you during conflict…but how do you un-hijack yourself when that physiological response is so overwhelming and seemingly uncontrollable in the moment?

Step 1: Make Mindfulness a Priority

Step 2: Make ‘Progress over Perfection’ Your Mindfulness Mantra

Step 3: Use Mindfulness to De-escalate Conflict

Dealing with and managing conflict in healthy ways comes in many different forms, but it’s always best to start with what you can control, which is your own responses and reactions. Mindfulness is a great way to start doing exactly that.

Workplace Conflict Coach, Trainer, and Mediator. Owner of ONE EIGHTY. To learn more, visit

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